Lunch menu

Soup of the day
Tomato soup
French union soup
Lasagne maison
Spaghetti bolognaise
Spaghetti carbonara
Mushroom omelette
Cheese omelette
Ham omelette
Sandwich, 3 eggs, cheese
Sandwich, 3 eggs, ham
Sandwich, 3 egss, ham/cheese
Saté, rench fries
Meat ball with french fries
Hamburger fench fries
Pancake naturel
Pancake apple
Pancake bacon



Sandwich meatball
Saté with bread
Sandwich cheese
Sandwich ham
Sandwich kroket
Portion cheese
Portion Vlammetjes
Croque monsieur/tosti with salad
Portion fries
Portion bittergarnituur
Portion bitterballen
Portion chicken nuggets